We use our cross-functional experience from science and business to create powerful and credible communication for our clients. It is the right message at the right time. Our communication assignments often start with a workshop to strategically position our client before narratives and key messages are formulated for each stakeholder group. In some projects, we lay out the foundation for the client to implement on its own; however, more often, we are asked to manage the client’s communication activities related to strategy, planning, procurement, marketing, IR, PR and social media.

What we deliver

Our goal is to deliver actionable results that drive our client’s communication goals. In addition to content and milestone plans, this typically means that we are involved in creating investment pitches, disease awareness events, press releases, newsletters, shareholder presentations and other material for external use. Continuing with internal support that may include event planning, advertorial work-up, tracking and reporting of IR/Comm metrics and supporting procurement of ads, events and other services. We are not afraid to adapt based on yours and your stakeholders’ needs. What matters is reaching the right audience, with the right message at the right time.

Some past questions from our clients include:

How can we ensure a steady and interesting news flow for our investors in the time gaps between study read-outs?

What measures can be taken to ensure that our shareholders know what catalyst events to expect in the coming year?

What can be done to increase the exposure of our company towards our first-tier strategic partners?

How can we ensure exposure in the industry journals our key opinion leaders read?

How can we make sure that our investment pitch stands out from others?

What can be done to make sure that strategic partners find us and start to follow our clinical progress?

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Proactive communication towards journalists, industry influencing networks & shareholders

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Investor relations communication strategy around new TPP

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