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A large molecule focused biotech company had decided to change its target product profile (TPP) to address a higher unmet clinical need with a smaller market size where its technology had a better fit.


MSC was contacted after a significant drop in the public company’s share price following the announcement of the decision. A workshop was conducted to understand the rationale behind the new strategy and a retail investor targeting communication strategy was created. As the shareholder base was upset over the sudden move, a proactive content plan was proposed with the intent to build trust, reliability and long-term accountability. Both management and the Board voted in favor of the new plan and it was implemented by MSC over the next few months by creating a company narrative in newsletters, press releases, company presentations and online presence. After 6 months the share had stabilized and started to increase. By then, the client’s IR function had started to receive more support from shareholders and could instead focus efforts on proactive activities as opposed to reactive behavior based on incoming complaints from shareholders.