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Merry Christmas from Monocl Strategy & Communication!

Although we’re more the visionaries than the reflection-type, as the year is coming to a close it’s difficult not to look back on a well-executed year. In this year alone, we’ve had the pleasure of working across 28 different indication areas, ten of which were in the rare disease space. We have had a substantial number of assignments focused on competitive positioning, presentations for VCs and other investors as well as communication strategies. Nonetheless, just like previous years, we’ve continued to provide valuation support for our client’s negotiations around licensing and investments at a pace of roughly one new client per month. This would, of course, neither have been possible nor as enjoyable if it weren’t for you, our clients. We’re humbled by the vigor with which we are invited to the inner sanctum of your companies and spurred by the complex challenges you bring to us. No really, we’re thrilled and wouldn’t have it any other way.

As you may have noticed, we’re currently recruiting to meet next year’s increasing need of support from both new and long-term clients. 

Most of 2018 has been an extremely positive year for our clients but in the last few months many have seen their market caps decline together with the indexes of several international stock markets. It is, therefore, comforting to see that active deal discussions are ongoing for several of our clients with companies from both Big Pharma and specialty pharma companies, without any signs of being affected by the overall market decline. If anything, the sudden pressure on share prices seems to have created new opportunities for company acquisitions, asset license deals and investment opportunities at lower valuations. Next year will, therefore, be an exciting one to follow.

For us, 2018 was also the year we created a brand that better match the company we are today. We became Monocl Strategy & Communication. This was marked by a new profile, logotype, website but the offering is just the same. Moreover, the year was eventful and we’re proud to announce that we deepened our collaboration with the news and analytics platform company BioStock, as we participated in a management buy-out deal together with two of its founders. This move aligns well with our increased focus on biotech companies in the Nordic region and provides an excellent platform for our Swedish clients. If you’re not following the life science market via BioStock already, you should.

During the year, we’ve further had several of our clients contact us with requests for us to run valuation workshops with their BD managers and do communication training with their IR managers. Instead of doing this as 1-on-1 sessions, we’re currently gathering interest to evaluate if this is something that we should offer as one-day workshops. If you think this would be of interest to you, or if you’re interested in getting more information about this, do let us via email on msc@monocl.com.

Lastly, global events during 2018 has reminded us all that we live in a world that is sometimes unfair, unequal and uncertain. At Monocl Strategy & Communication, we believe that it’s important to make a positive contribution as every little helps. We’re, therefore, proud of our continued support to charity throughout the year to Barncancerfonden, Nattvandrarna, Aktiv Skola and few other local initiatives. In the same spirit, this Christmas, we decided to donate money to Doctors without borders on behalf of ourselves and our clients. Together, we drive the future of medicine.

We would like to extend a thank our clients for yet another inspiring and developing year, and for choosing us as your partner. We sincerely wish that you all will enjoy a relaxing holiday season!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tobias Thornblad