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Originally from Gothenburg but recently been calling Stockholm home, our new colleague Julia has now made full circle with a baggage full of both outdoor gear as well as impressive experience within life science and technology-based businesses. We asked her to reflect upon what has shaped her career thus far, and what it was that brought her to us at MSC.

My name is Julia Fransson and since mid-November I am part of the Monocl Strategy & Communication (MSC) team in the role as Project Director.

I come into this role with experience from business development both from a consultancy setting as well as operational roles in developing ventures. My educational background is within biotech and bioentrepreneurship, but throughout my career I have had the opportunity to interact with several other industries as well, enabling me to broaden my perspectives on technology-based business. Fresh out of the entrepreneur school at Chalmers, I co-founded a biotechnology venture based on research from the Sahlgrenska Academy on a treatment for localized infections.

After first hand experiencing the hardships of proving efficacy in early-stage biotech ventures, I moved to Stockholm and spent close to five years within the Serendipity Group, a privately-held investment company that primarily invests in very early-stage technology companies.

I have been able to gather experience from sitting on both sides of the table in investment discussions, worked with innovative companies to develop new business models and the commercial aspects of research-based companies. 

At Serendipity I held several different positions, starting out as a business development consultant, supporting both companies within the group as well as external clients, before moving on to a position in the venture team evaluating investment opportunities presented to the company. Over the last year and a half  I have headed up one of the group’s newest technology ventures, Build-r, an innovative construction robotics company with the goal of developing a robot for installing drywall. Not only a new field for me, but a new digital niche within the construction field. Managing this company was an exciting opportunity to take a big side-step from my comfort zone and to get an insider’s view of hands-on technology development in a disruptive market.

Finally, however, Gothenburg and the life sciences had a too strong draw, and, in the fall of 2018, I felt that it was time to make the move. I am grateful to once again be back in the great city of Gothenburg, even if I will miss the weather in Stockholm J.

At MSC, I will be working closely with our pharma and medtech clients primarily on business development projects, market analyses and valuations. I feel privileged to be joining such a well-performing team and to get the opportunity to work with the best companies on the Nordic life science scene.

I am driven by curiosity and the will to always be learning new things, and there is no better setting for this than working with and for innovative companies pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their respective fields.

I hope that we will get the chance to work together in the future!