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The CEO of an infectious disease company was facing competition from a newly approved antibiotic and needed to better understand the market opportunities and threats of non-antibiotic treatments in its targeted indication.


MSC was contracted to identify a potential partner for the client with a strategic fit. A workshop was held with the client to determine partnering strategy and partner characteristics of interest. Potential partners were mapped based on this strategy with interest within the indication or the client’s product type. A large-scale opportunity analysis led to a prioritized list of unmet clinical needs that none of the market approved treatments address today. Three of these unmet clinical needs could readily be implemented into the target product profile by modifying the study design of the next clinical trial. To understand the client’s indirect competition, various non-antibiotic alternatives were analyzed based on published study results and ongoing clinical trials. In the end, the client was able to integrate the strategic insights into its plans and start negotiations with a potential partner.