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Originally from Taiwan, Chien-Hsun Lee has been living in Europe now for over three years and is able to call Sweden his second home. He has an interdisciplinary background in scientific research and financial analysis and is passionate about bridging the gap between life sciences and business development. His determination and curiosity combined with the way he responds to challenges with a positive attitude, Chien has quickly become an essential part of the MSC team after joining us at the end of last year. 

My name is Chien-Hsun Lee, and I joined Monocl Strategy & Communication in December 2019 as an Associate. I am originally from Taiwan, where I studied biomedical science, and I conducted scientific research for 2 years at Academia Sinica, the national research institute in my homeland. In 2017, I moved to Sweden and enrolled in the master’s program of Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. The Bioentrepreneurship program combines life science and business, and I was fascinated about learning the process and knowledge of bringing a life science product from early-phase development to the market.

Before joining MSC, I did my internship in the financial organization at Novo Nordisk in Denmark. It was a fun experience working in such a massive corporation. I got to see many exciting and innovative projects and, I was able to cultivate my skills in financial analysis. Although the job at Novo Nordisk was very interesting, I decided to move on as I wanted to get closer to the scientific principles since they are the core of a life science product. I hoped to develop a career where I can drive business discussions, but at the same time make the most out of my scientific knowledge. That is why MSC’s job posting immediately caught my eye.

“I’m passionate about supporting the value creation and decision-making processes for both biotech and medtech industries.”

It’s now been a couple of months since I started the job. My first impression is that the people at MSC are very energetic, and we have lots of fun at work while we strive to deliver the best results to our clients. In the first month, I had already been involved in several different projects, and I feel that the most amazing part of this job is the amount of knowledge that I can learn in such a short period. I’m glad that I have made the right choice to join this fantastic team.

After living in Sweden for more than three years, I’m enjoying the beautiful nature and the “lagom” lifestyle. For me, it is also interesting to see how fast the life science industry is growing within the Nordic countries. I feel excited about working on the challenging tasks that do not only help our clients but also contribute to the general public’s health.

Best regards,

Chien Lee
Associate at MSC