We empower our clients with the right insights to strike favorable deals, partnerships and attract investments. This is most often related to asset licensing, company acquisition, investment negotiation or preparation for IPOs. We have delivered just short of 50 asset/portfolio valuations over the past five years to the managements and Boards of leading biotech companies in the Nordic region.

What we deliver

Valuation projects are often time-limited assignments with predefined deliverables. Our methodology is algorithm assisted, by our proprietary valuation software, to calculate a risk-adjusted net present valuation that is matched against comparable benchmarks related to deals and valuations of similar companies. Projects are executed in a proven format combining interactive client workshops with analysis of data collected from primary and secondary sources. Final deliveries are often used in negotiations, investment decision-support material or presentation for key stakeholders.

Some past questions from our clients include:

What is a reasonable valuation of our phase 2 candidate?

How can we expect the valuation of our asset to differ if we out-license it in a preclinical stage or after a clinical proof-of-concept?

What resource allocation between our five assets result in the highest projected return on investment in two to four years?

How much should we be willing to pay to in-license a phase 2 candidate?

What has been the valuation of comparable deals of preclinical assets?

How would a label extension strategy into different lines of therapy affect the current valuation of our asset?

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Asset portfolio valuation of key Asian markets

An emerging pharma client needed to obtain a valuation of its highly important drug candidates in key Asian markets before negotiating a major deal with a top-tier Chinese pharma company.


Investment negotiation support to value phase 2 asset in lung cancer

The management of an oncology company with an ongoing clinical phase 2 trial needed an independent valuation base for one of its key assets for a meeting with an interested venture capitalist.


Deal support for divestiture of preclinical hepatitis asset

The COO of a small pharma company had started to receive licensing term sheets for an asset that MSC had helped value and was interested in comparing differently structured term sheets based on the valuation.