Our contribution involves everything from crafting the decision-support material to implementing our recommended strategies through to operational support. Some of these assignments are small, while others are better described as ongoing partnerships where we become an integrated part of the client’s virtual organization.

What we deliver

We have long-standing relationships with many clients as trusted advisers to drive and support strategic changes. Often our work is related to the client’s asset portfolio as new indications are evaluated, markets are assessed, and implementation plans are executed. However, equally often, we’re contracted to support the different phases in the partnering process with licensees, acquirers or investors. We adapt to the clients’ needs, which means that our results have been delivered in presentations, investment memos, spreadsheets, prospectuses, fact sheets, business plans, orphan drug designation (ODD) applications, investigational new drug (IND) documentation and many other forms of decision-support material. Just like our clients’ day-to-day activities, our deliveries are rarely standard.

Some past questions from our clients include:

How can we prepare for licensing after our phase 2 data is available?

Who in Scandinavia should we partner with to leverage our I/O strategy?

What preclinical assets in NASH are available for licensing in the Nordic region?

Is it possible to build an orphan drug strategy based on our current animal data?

Should we consider becoming a platform company or stay with our current drug development program?

What oncology player provides the best strategic fit for our cell therapy?

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Business plan development to raise clinical phase 3 financing

The CEO of an oncology company needed to attract 100+ MSEK in venture capital to fund its clinical phase 2 development in a new indication.

Business Development

Opportunity assessment and partnering preparation

A public company wanted to assess its opportunity in inlicensing assets in the immune checkpoint blocker field and wanted to position its cell therapeutic portfolio for partnering its technology with a leading player.

Business Development

Monetizing strategy for leading antibody generation platform

An antibody-platform company wanted to explore alternative business models as a means to generate additional revenue streams.

Business Development