In essence, we deliver actionable results customized for your needs. Our methodology always starts by getting an in-depth understanding of your situation and envision probable business scenarios before delving into the task at hand.

Why MSC Nordics?

Our dedication to smaller Life Science companies assures relevant industry insights and state-of-the-art expertise tailored for your specific needs.

We make sure your company is strategically positioned and more professionally packaged towards your potential acquirers, investors and competitors.

No matter what your project is, our team will always walk that extra mile to maximize your chances to succeed.

When do clients engage us?

Most commonly, clients first contact us to achieve a concrete outcome – such as assessing a market opportunity, creating an investment pitch, putting a dollar value on an asset portfolio, finding a license partner or establishing a communication platform with multiple stakeholders – but after delivery most of these projects grow into continuous partnerships. Our consultants become trusted allies when clients want to test new ideas, determine strategic directions and drive real change.

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Our areas of expertise

Business development

We love to dig deep to understand what really matters for specific markets, situations and circumstances. Learn more through our assignments focusing on business strategy, market research or project management.

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We thrive when we can help our clients strike favorable deals and attract investments. Read more about our assignments focusing on determining the value of an asset, portfolio or company.

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We see good communication as the lifeblood in a company, that can make or break a company, since if no one knows you are doing a great job is it really happening? Check out more about our assignments focusing on visibility to investors, strategic partners and media.

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