Our valuation courses aim to guide you through the basic mechanics of biotech valuation and provide benchmark data and references that may serve as assumptions about key factors. Our goal has been to create something actionable for CEOs, business developers, board members and investors in small biotech companies to use when preparing negotiations for financing rounds or business deals. 

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What is your valuation based on? The dreaded question most CEOs, with pre-commercial drugs in their pipelines, hate to answer. Investors and Big Pharma executives of course know that any financial model will be inherently imprecise – yet they want you to present a valuation based on logical and data-driven assumptions.

Our clients are often CEOs, business developers or board members of Nordic biotech companies but also include investors and professionals at larger companies. Many of these leaders are perfectly capable of analyzing financial forecasts, segmenting patient-flows and estimating revenue projections – but have never built a valuation model.

To cater both to professionals whom are new to building valuation models as well as more experienced executives, we offer two courses: Biotech valuation fundamentals and Advanced biotech valuation. Throughout our courses we present cases, benchmarks and examples based on the aggregated experience from 500+ strategy projects for clients in the Life Science industry.

In the Fundamentals course, an introduction of different valuation approaches will first be given, which is then followed by a deep dive of the essential assumptions for biotech valuation. We will also support with examples of benchmark data and references that stands behind those key assumptions. Furthermore, there will be practical examples to demonstrate how to perform more hands-on valuation modelling and to stress test your model through scenario planning. 

In the Advanced course, the focus will shift towards applying the understanding of how to influence valuation to term sheet preparation and deal valuation. Naturally, the mechanics of deal valuation play a major role as preparation for and during a negotiation process around an asset that is to be acquired or licensed by another party. Armed with a solid financial model for your asset, your foundation to evaluate term sheets and influence key valuation drivers will be great. In this course, we will show how you can design milestone and royalty payments in favorable ways without impairing value for your counterpart.    

Why should you attend?

Now more than ever, it is important for biotech executives to be able to clearly communicate value drivers and manage key uncertainties of their pre-commercial assets. In a world where short-term share performance is on a collision course with reality, we provide you with the tools to systematically identify and articulate the value of your development programs when negotiating your next deal.

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Course founder

Tobias Thornblad, a co-founder of MSC (mscnordics.com) and now Chair. Together with Björn Carlsson, he authored the book Biotech Valuation – A Playbook for Dealmakers. Tobias is a trusted partner for many biotech C-levels in the Nordic region in acquisitions, licensing deals, business strategy, IPOs, financing/investments, opportunity scouting, company re-organization and negotiation. His experience spans across most indication categories, many rare diseases, small molecules, biologics, cell/gene therapies and various platform technologies. Tobias is a co-founder of Monocl (monocl.com), a Software as a Service company serving the majority of the top 20 global Pharma companies globally, which was acquired in 2020 by Definitive Healthcare (definitivehc.com). In addition, Tobias is the Chairman of Biostock (www.biostock.se), a leading news outlet for the Scandinavian life sciences industry. 

Some past questions from our clients include:

How each course is run?

Each course is scheduled in one day over five hours in two sessions (one session before lunch + one session after lunch). Courses are virtual and held live via Zoom. To maximize interactivity, we have an attendee threshold of maximum 10 people in each session. 

What is the price?

10,000 SEK + VAT per course

What is included in the package?

In addition to the course presentations and workshops, we will ship one physical copy of Biotech Valuation – A playbook for deal makers per attendee. Furthermore, we will provide spreadsheet valuation models where you can insert various parameters to model revenue forecasts as well as calculating a risk-adjusted net present values. 

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