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Megha Ranjan has just joined us as a management consultant. She has an interesting background, both from dentistry and medical affairs at big pharma Bayer India. Now based in Stockholm, Megha brings 6+ years of experience in the biopharma industry ranging from forecasting to competitive intelligence and M&A due diligence projects. Before joining MSC in April, she worked with a medtech supporting launch of a new technology in the infusions market. Welcome Megha!

Can you tell us about your background?

Hi, my name is Megha. I have a diverse and unusual background in life sciences – not the common route of planning on being a consultant from age three. Instead, my career has been shaped by my appreciation of the idea that “anything is possible if you have got the nerve.”

I am Indian, and it is in India I finished my bachelor’s in dental surgery. At that time, I was motivated and determined to use my newly learned skills and knowledge of medicine in the community. I therefore steered my education towards the public health sector and completed my master’s in healthcare management. My professional career began when working with some of the key large scale public health programs in India addressing women and child healthcare, AIDS and tuberculosis.

During this time, I became fascinated by the pharmaceutical industry and later switched to the other side of the table by joining the Women’s healthcare medical affairs team at Bayer India. I gained a range of experience working with medico-marketing, medical information, observational studies and publications management. I also had the opportunity to learn the art of strategy and product branding. During my time at Bayer, I became more and more interested in the strategic planning and strategy execution behind launching new drugs to patients. Especially, in the combination of the macros such as strategy and the micros such as analytics, clinical trial preparations and regulatory preparations that really is the foundation of a drug launch. This brought me to life sciences consulting world.

I have been a consultant for more than four years now, and it has provided me with the opportunities to work in different geographies, with big, mid- and small-sized biotech companies. I have learnt the art of valuations of life sciences ventures and the due diligence processes which goes into valuations, go-to-market strategies and portfolio evaluations. I appreciate that my experiences have helped me grow and explore the different aspects of the life sciences industry as a whole and opportunities to use my acquired knowledge in a range of industry verticals.

“I have been most proud of not restricting myself to a particular domain. I have been able to grow, excel and navigate through the challenges in the different roles I have had.”

Why did you choose to join MSC?

Having previously worked predominantly in the US and EU5 markets, I found it appealing that MSC is involved in the Nordic Life Sciences industry. Also, that they work on a wide range and variety of strategic projects for early-stage assets/drugs in different therapy areas.

It was also important to me that MSC reflected the values and culture I had been looking for when continuing my professional journey.

What do you look forward to most in joining MSC?

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with my colleagues and at the same time learn from them and their experiences which will enable us all to grow together as professionals. I also look forward to the fun we will have along this exciting journey and working with the multi-cultural team which will help me grow personally too.

What are you most proud of in your professional life thus far?

In my professional life, I have been most proud of not restricting myself to a particular domain. I have been able to grow, excel and navigate through the challenges in the different roles I have had.  Keeping up with this tradition, I am determined to continue to excel and grow in my current role too.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy reading preferably history, historical fiction, cooking, swimming, painting, movies (diligently follow Marvel Universe and Star Wars) and video games.

Megha Ranjan, management consultant
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