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Early September 2021, we held the first valuation masterclass at partnering and investor conference LSX. We heard that it became the most attended class which underlines the high interest of successfully using valuation in out-licensing and investor discussions; and the lack of information tailored to the unique Nordic biotech space. Therefore, we are now also running courses to support biotech executives in better understanding and utilizing biotech valuations in crucial negotiations. Watch the masterclass recording or learn more about our valuation courses below.

Join our Fundamentals of Biotech Valuations course to ace valuations in the unique Nordic biotech space. Next session is on October 13, 2021. Sign up here: https://mscnordics.com/product/biotech-valuations-fundamentals/

Did you miss our Biotech Valuation masterclass at LSX? Check out the recording about using Biotech Valuations to best prepare for out-licensing and investments.