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As a leader, do you know the most critical factors affecting the younger generation of employees’ decision of workplace? On a general level, it is easy to grasp that motivations in life and at work changes over time and today’s generation of young professionals are no different. Interestingly enough, however, the majority of studies and research on employee motivation are dated and based on a workforce that is now closing in on retirement. So, how do you attract and then keep younger top talent happy?

Together with the (younger) team members at MSC and looking at sources out there like the Deloitte Global Millenial Survey 2019, we identified the most important aspects of motivation for today’s young professionals: 

Company culture    

Workplace culture and colleagues are one of the top priorities for young professionals when they choose an employer. As it is more common to change workplaces more frequently today, workplace relationships have become extremely important, and a tight work community makes the employees stay longer with the company. It is essential to feel safe, welcome, and have fun at work. The absence of friendly colleagues and a warm, social work environment is what makes many employees seek new opportunities hoping that the grass is greener someplace else. Happy and content employees also attract like-minded recruits, as they spread the word among their networks.  

Advancement opportunities

Today’s young professionals are driven and career-oriented. They are more entrepreneurial than the generations before them, always looking for new stimulating career opportunities. They need to have the freedom and the opportunity to participate in developing the workplace and be part of creating something new. Their focus lies on both personal and professional development, and a workplace that offers a chance for both is more likely to keep and attract the most driven employees.

Challenging and varied tasks 

One thing that is for certain is that the fastest way to lose a good employee is with boredom. One of the top demotivators for employees is boredom and feeling overqualified for their job. Young professionals are looking for challenges and a job that provides them frequently with new tasks and projects. Many young employees are eager to develop their skills through education, so one way to challenge your young talents is to provide them with learning activities, such as workshops and courses.

Work-life balance 

The need for a workplace that supports the employees spare-time activities and interests seems to be more important for young professionals than ever before. Employees do not want to work only for the salary but seek companies that can provide them with other benefits as well, such as bonuses, flexibility with work hours, and the opportunity to work remotely. Especially these times, companies that have been able to adapt to remote working and hiring new employees remotely are the ones that will succeed and keep attracting new talents in the future.

Great leadership 

When choosing a future employer, supportive and engaged management is another crucial factor for the younger generations in their decision-making process. They will likely expect fast feedback, reciprocal communication, and a great amount of involvement from their managers and peers. The managers are often also the ones influencing the employees’ experience of having a great time at work or not. In the era of social media, stories of poor managers travel fast among young professionals and can become the reason for them to avoid a particular employer.

Happy and content employees attract like-minded recruits, as they spread the word among their networks.

Today, the essential criteria for choosing a workplace is the feeling of being seen and understood. What every employer should remember is that all employees are motivated differently. To attract ambitious people, the employer needs to be able to offer possible opportunities and space for personal growth. It is important to emphasize at all times that it is the people that make the company and are, thus, its greatest asset.

At MSC, we value people having different backgrounds and experiences. Through the years, we have had many new graduates seeking a challenging workplace that can provide a steep learning curve and a range of experiences. We offer that by working with a number of different companies and projects in a constantly developing industry. We arrange weekly and monthly learning activities at MSC to continually evolve and keep a bunch of smart people enthusiastic and work together to go the extra mile. We find knowledge sharing and growth encouragement being a motivator for all. Among our clients, MSC is often seen as innovative and excited when approaching new challenges. There is no reason why we should not have the same attitude within the organization as well!