After 4 years as Monocl Strategy Services, it is time for a change.

By September 6, 2018, we will be called Monocl Strategy & Communication or MSC for short. All of our current offerings will continue, and little will change for our clients. You may, however, notice that we have a new logotype, website and profile that better match the company we have now become.

All of our current offerings will continue, and little will change for clients.

Our belief has always been that sharing is caring. This is exactly what we plan to do on this page – by sharing our learnings, insights and thoughts. Sometimes this may be in the form of analyses, landscapes or data, while other times this may be case studies, how-to-descriptions or something else we are currently interested in. What you can be certain of is that most of our thoughts will be related to our favorite topics: business development, valuation and communication. Moreover, we have received much praise for our public market reports – where the record holder currently has more than 17 000 unique downloads – and this will be a great channel for future reports.

If this type of content interests you, make sure to follow us here and on LinkedIn. We also plan to share images from our various adventures via Instagram and share content via Twitter.

Stay tuned for more!

Yours sincerely,

The MSC team

Monocl Strategy & Communication

Monocl Strategy & Communication